Wheel Pros Drop Shipping

Shipping is charged on all items ordered from Wheel Pros inventory

Most of our new custom wheels are distributed from Wheel Pros. All Wheel Pros items that are ordered are drop shipped from the closest warehouse within the US straight to your door. The customer is responsible for shipping costs associated with these items. 

Wheel Pros Shipping Charges

Wheel Pros divides the US into two different regions for shipping purposes, divided by the Mississippi River. If one of the 30 Wheel Pros warehouses that is on the same side of the Mississippi as you reside, your item will come from that warehouse. 

If there are no warehouses on the same side of the Mississippi as you reside that have the particular item(s) you have ordered, but only available in a warehouse on the opposite side of the Mississippi, they will ship it from the warehouse located in the other shipping region, and it may require that you pay additional shipping fees. 

Please see the graphic on this page for a visual representation of shipping from Wheel Pros.